Playboy Changing

Playboy is not going to show naked women anymore.  And it such odd mix a feeling for me.  I mean it is really were I first since I wanted to be close to what they showed in the pictures.  But my mom being a women of her time would tell me from time to time “Playboy is bad because they airbrush women and give people unrealistic view of what women are.”  Of course I filed that away and never thought to much about it.  There was make believe world and the world I live in and that make sense.

Well in 1994 living in Las Vegas, I was working in the Mirage Hotel Chain as computer support for guests while in college.  Basically certain guest at the time could have computers, networks and printers setup in their rooms as if it was an office.  These guest often stayed longer than a long weekend.  90% would be people that either you would never see or would never need help after setup or where people that I would never know care to know.  Business people doing business that they thought were very important.  But and to this story you would meet people that was crazy interesting.  I was setting up a back Cabana on the Mirage which are little houses in a secure compound for Hugh Hefner and his daughter.  So during a couple of visits to the houses to make changes I meet / saw several woman that proved to me one thing.  MY MOTHER LIED. 

While I am sure there is a lot of photo manipulation that effect the view of reality.  It is oddly and equally as true that over time one can find and collect people that are so pretty it really does take your breath away.  I think the earth really moved and I am not sure I could say how the day I meet Hugh Hefner.  But Playboy making such a large change in format oddly does not make me sad but does make me truly aware of my future.