207 of my favorite drag songs

This list of music that I either have made a drag act, practice with or are keeping for creative foder.  I will to try to link the songs to their links on Amazon for listening.  I could also link to Spotify but I get a little love from Amazon if you use those links and buy anything.  So I will say that most of the songs are on Spotify if you want to listen to the whole song. 

# Artist Song title or band Story reason Theme
Punk, Gothic


Dance, Hip Hop


Movie Cover other
  45 Grave are an American gothic and punk rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1979 to 85. 45 Grave's musical style is rooted in punk rock with a darker edge/horror movie aesthetic, representative of the genre deathrock/horror-punk. Compared to punk bands of the era, 45 Grave songs included stop-start mid-song tempo changes, instrumentals and aggressive musicianship due to Cutler's virtuoso guitar playing.                  
1 45 Grave Partytime  Found in research   gothic metal            
205 45 Grave Night of the Demon Found in research   gothic metal            
2 Adele Lovesong Practiced
  Gothic         Cure  
3 Adele Rolling In The Deep Performed           Skyfall    
4 Adele Skyfall  Practiced 
5 Alicia Keys Superwoman Practiced
6 Alicia Keys Wreckless Love Performed                
7 Alicia Keys This Girl is on Fire Performed                
  Amanda Blank She is a collaborator with the rapper Spank Rock, most notably on the track "Blow" off of the mix CD Bmore Gutter Music and later "Bump" off the album YoYoYoYoYo released in 2006. Furthermore, she appeared on Bmore Gutter Music, which was produced by Aaron LaCrate and Low Budget of Hollertronix. Her songs have appeared in HBO's Life Support and the CSI: NY episode "Buzzkill". In 2007                   
8 Amanda Blank Gimme More Found in research       Alt Rap        
9 Amanda Blank Let Me Get Some Found in research       Alt Rap        
10 Amanda Blank Might Like You Better Found in research       Alt Rap        
11 Amanda Blank DJ Found in research       Alt Rap        
12 Amanda Blank  Make it, Take It Found in research       Alt Rap        
13 Andy Stone & Kat Zero Alive Practiced
    Rock, Grunge       Pearl Jam .
14 Angus & Julia Stone  You're The One That I Want Practiced 
  Antiworld Antiworld -- An American punk rock band based in Portland, Oregon formed in 1995 noted for being one of the spearheading bands that sparked the re-emerging deathrock scene and re-captured an almost lost genre of punk                  
15 Antiworld Cellar Dweller Found in research   Gothic            
16 Antiworld Crimson Cloak Found in research   Gothic            
17 Aretha Franklin Respect Performed 60s              
18 Atom Heart Mother Highway to Hell Practiced
    Classic       AC/DC .
19 Atomic Kitten The Tide Is High Practiced
        Pop . Blondie .
20 Atomic Kitten Eternal Flame Practiced 
        Pop .    
21 Avril Lavigne Complicated Performed         Pop .    
22 Avril Lavigne Losing Grip Practiced
        Pop .    
23 Avril Lavigne Unwanted Practiced
        Pop .    
24 Ayria Ayria is a Canadian futurepop/synthpop musical project formed in early 2003  The lighter, ethereal side of gothic, her work shows a collage of smooth textures and soft vocals over collisions of bass and driving beats, danceable and melodic with the darker elements and themes of electro-industrial music still present.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayria)                   
25 Ayria The Gun Song Found in research   Gothic Dance            
26 Ayria Flicker Found in research   Gothic Dance            
27 Ayria Bad List Found in research   Gothic Dance            
28 Bananarama Help Practiced 
60's       Pop Help Beatles .
29 Barb Jungr Gotta Serve Somebody Practiced 
            Bob Dillian Lounge
30 Barbara Mendes Don't Stand So Close to Me Practiced 
        Pop   Sting Bossa Lounge
31 Basia Time And Tide Practiced 
32 Beki Bondage Smells Like Teen Spirit Practiced 
    Grunge       Nirvana   
33 Beki Bondage Son Of A Preacher Man Performed 70's           several  
34 Beki Bondage Lithium Practiced 
    Grunge       Nirvana  
35 Beki Bondage Be-Bop-A-Lula Practiced
        Pop   Cindy Laper  
  Bikini Kill was an American punk rock band formed in Olympia, Washington in October 1990 to 1997.  This is a child band of riot girls.                  
36 Bikini Kill Rebel Girl Practiced 
  Riot Girl            
37 Bikini Kill Feels Blind Found in research   Riot Girl            
38 the bird and the bee I'm Into Something Good Practiced 
60's       Pop   Hermen and the Hermits   
39 the bird and the bee How Deep Is Your Love Practiced
        Pop   BeeGees  
40 the bird and the bee Undone Practiced 
41 the bird and the bee Maneater Practiced
        Pop   Hall and Oates  
42 the bird and the bee Private Eyes Practiced
        Pop   Hall and Oates  
43 the bird and the bee Witch Practiced 
44 Bitch The Bitch Is Back Practiced
    Rock       Elton John  
  Book Of Love Book of Love is an American synthpop and electronic band, formed in 1983 to 85 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and later based out of New York City.                   
45 Book Of Love Pretty boys and pretty girls Found in research         Pop      
46  The Blues Brothers & Aretha Franklin Think Practiced
          The Blues Brothers   RnB
47 The Cheetah Girls Route 66 Performed 60's           Nat King Cole, Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode  
48 Christina Aguilera The Beautiful People Practiced
          Burlesque Marlin Manson  
49 Christina Aguilera Lady Marmalade Performed           Mulan Rouge LaBelle  
206 Christina Aguilera Figher Perfiormed                
50 The Cooltrane Quarte Should I Stay Or Should I Go Practiced
            Clash Lounge
  Crass Crass were an English punk rock band formed in 1977 mixed boy and girl band.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crass ) Like the band X many of the songs were both boy and girl , just boy but very few were female only.                  
51 Crass Bata Motel Found in research                
52 The Donnas  Dancing With Myself Practiced
80s   Rock     . Billy Idol  
53 The Donnas  You Wanna Get Me High Practiced
54 The Donnas  Kids in America Practiced
80s   Rock     . Kim Karnes  
55 Kim Wilde Kids in America Practiced
80's     Pop .      
56 Ellie Goulding Your Song Practiced
      Pop . . Elton John  
57 Emiliana Torrini White Rabbit Practiced
70s           Jefferson Airplane  
58 Emily Browning Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Practiced
80's           Eurythmics  
59 Eminem Love The Way You Lie [Explicit] Practiced
60 Erykah Badu Apple Tree Performed                
61 Estelle Superstition Found in research                
62 Fiona Apple Pure Imagination Performed 70's         Willie Wonka    
63 Fiona Apple Criminal Performed                
64 Florence + The Machine Addicted To Love Performed 80's     Pop     Roger Palmer  
65 Florence + The Machine Dog Days are Over Performed       Pop        
66 Fugees Killing Me Softly With His Song Performed       Hip Hop      Roberta Flack  
67 Garbage Androgyny Performed                
68 Garbage #1 Crush Performed                
69 Ghost Dance Radar Love Practiced
70's   Hard Rock       Golden Earing  
67 Halestorm Bad Romance Practiced
            Lady Gaga  
68 Halestorm Dissident Aggressor Found in research                
69 Halestorm Shoot To Thrill Practiced 
    Rock       AC/DC  
70 Heather Nova Norwegian Wood Practiced 
60’s           Beatles  
71 The Hellfreaks is a Hungarian psychobilly band with female vocals.  Little known band but very COOL.  (http://www.thehellfreaks.com/music/)                  
72 The Hellfreaks Circus of Shame Performed   psychobilly            
73 The Hellfreaks Don’t Feed the Models Found in research   psychobilly            
74 The Hellfreaks Boogieman Found in research   psychobilly            
75 The Hellfreaks Godless Girl’s  Fun Found in research   psychobilly            
76 The Hellfreaks Queen Of The Psycho Scene Practiced
77 Hole Celebrity Skin Performed     rock          
  Horrorpops are a Danish punk band that formed in 1996. The band's sound is rooted in psychobilly, rockabilly, and punk rock.     psychobilly            
78 Horrorpops Kiss kiss kill kill Practiced 
79 Horrorpops Psychiobitches Outta Hell Performed   psychobilly            
80 Horrorpops Boot2Boots Practiced
81 Jack Off Jill was an American rock band from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, founded in 1992 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Off_Jill ) 1994, Jack Off Jill joined Marilyn Manson on dates through Florida.                  
82 Jack Off Jill Devil With a Black Dress On Found in research   Gothic            
83 Jack Off Jill When I Am Queen Practiced 
84 Jack Off Jill Love Song Performed   Gothic         Cure  
85 The Bird and the Bee Sara Smile Practiced 
80's             Hall and Oates
86 Jamie Lancaster Billie Jean Practiced
            Michael Jackson Lounge
87 Jenny Woo Should I Stay or Should I Go? Practiced
88 Jessie J Price Tag Practiced 
  Junksista German Industrial beats of dark fetish band little known outside of Germany.  Much like the Lord of Acid                  
89 Junksista Naked Wet Hot Found in research   German Industrial            
90 Junksista Hookers and Booze Found in research   German Industrial            
91 Junksista Fuck’n Roll Found in research   German Industrial            
92 Junksista Life is Unfair Found in research   German Industrial            
93 Karen Souza Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Practiced
  .         Culture Club Lounge
94 Karen Souza Have You Ever Seen The Rain Practiced
            Creedence Clearwater Revival Lounge
95 Karen Souza I Heard It Through the Grapevine Practiced
60's           Marvin Gaye Lounge
96 Kerli Tea Party Performed   Bubblegum Goth            
97 Kerli Walking On Air Performed   Bubblegum Goth            
98 Kirsten Krush Polly Found in research             Nirvana  
99 Krystal Meth Foxy Lady  Practiced 
60’s           Jimmy Hendrix  
  Kelli Ali  Ali is a female vocalist most recognized for being lead singer for the trip-hop group Sneaker Pimps, under the name Kelli Dayton. Though she was featured prominently in both the songs and the music videos for the album Becoming X (the group finding fame following the release of the hit single "6 Underground")  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelli_Ali)                  
100 Kelli Ali Voyeur Found in research                
101 Kelli Ali Home Honey I’m High Practiced
102 Kelli Ali Psychic Cat Found in research                
  L7 Were an American rock band from Los Angeles. They were active from 1985 to 2001. Due to their sound and image, they are often associated with the grunge movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s.  The band's name derives from a 1950s slang phrase meaning "square".                  
103 L7 Shitlist Performed   Riot Girl            
104 L7 Cherry bomb Found in research   Riot Girl            
105 L7 Shove Performed   Riot Girl            
106 L7 Bad things Found in research   Riot Girl            
  La Roux are an English synthpop duo At the 53rd Grammy Awards on  La Roux's eponymous debut album won the Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album                  
107 La Roux Bulletproof Found in research                
108 La Roux In for the Kill Found in research                
109 La Roux Tigerlily Found in research                
110 Lady Gaga Bad Romance Practiced
111 Lady Gaga Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Practiced
112 Lady Gaga Teeth Practiced
113 Lady Gaga I Like It Rough Practiced
114 Lana Del Rey Blue Velvet Practiced 
115 Leona Lewis Bleeding Love Practiced 
116 Leona Lewis Hurt Practiced
            Nine Inch Nails  
117 Lords of Acid Lady Marmelade Performed   gothic dance industrial            
118 Lords of Acid Rough Sex [Whip Mix] Found in research   gothic dance industrial            
119 Lords of Acid Superstar Found in research   gothic dance industrial            
120 Lords of Acid Doggie Tom (Overture) Performed   gothic dance industrial            
121 Lotte Kestner Halo Practiced 
122 Lorde Royals Performed                
123 Lorde Everybody Wants To Rule The World Performed           The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Tears for Fears  
124 Lu & Cru Seven Nation Army Practiced
            White Stripes  
125 Lu & Cru Highway to Hell Practiced
126 Lu & Cru Road House Blues / Ronco da Cuíca Practiced 
            Doors / BB King  
127 Lu & Cru Come As You Are Practiced 
128 Lu & Cru Creep Found in research             Radiohead  
129 Lu & Cru Rock 'n' Roll All Night Practiced 
207 Lu & Cru Should I Stay or Should I Go Practiced 
130 Makrosoft London Calling Practiced
            Clash Lounge
131 Mary Lambert Secrets Practiced
132 Melanie G Word Up Practiced 
133 Madonna Beautiful Stranger Practiced 
            Cameo Disco
134 Madonna Like A Prayer Performed                
135 Madonna LuckyStar Practiced
136 Madonna Vogue Practiced
137 Madonna Justify My Love Performed                
138 Mosavo Hypnotizing Beauty Practiced 
              Belly Dancing
139 Natacha Atlas I Put A Spell On You Performed               Belly Dancing
140 Nina Gordon Straight Outta Compton Performed             NWA .Folk
141 No Doubt Don't Speak Practiced 
142 No Doubt Tragic Kingdom Practiced 
143 Nostalgia 77 Seven Nation Army Practiced
            White Stripes Lounge
144 Nouvelle Vague I Melt With You               Modern English Lounge
145 Nouvelle Vague Too Drunk To Fuck Practiced
            Dead Kennedys Lounge
146 P!nk Blow Me Practiced
147 P!nk Funhouse (Live) Performed                
148 P!nk Raise Your Glass Performed                
149 P!nk There You Go Performed                
150 P!nk Fuckin Perfect Performed                
151 P!nk Just like A Pill Practiced
152 P!nk So What Performed                
153 P!nk Crazy Practiced
154 P!nk Get This Party Started Practiced
208 P!nk U + Ur Hand Preformed                
155 Penis Flytrap Queen Bitch Found in research             David Bowie  
156 Pierce The Veil (Don't Fear) the Reaper Found in research             BOC  
157 Portishead Sour Times Found in research                
158 The Pussycat Dolls Tainted Love/ Where Did Our Love Go Performed             Soft Cell   
159 Queen Latifah Ladies First Practiced
160 Rocky Horror  Sweet Transvestite Performed           Rocky Horror     
  Romeo Void was an American rock band from San Francisco, California, formed in 1979.  Romeo Void has generally been classified as a new wave or post-punk band. Some critics have noted dance elements in the music. Bad Thing is most of the music sounds like Never Says Never like they never changed.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romeo_Void )                  
161 Romeo Void Never Say Never Found in research                
162 Romeo Void Just Too Easy Found in research                
163 Rose Royce Car Wash Performed               Dicso
  Scary Bitches The founding members are the ladies Alma Geddon and DEADri Ranciid . The lyrics of the band treat usually in a humorous way themes from horror B-movies , such as about vampires, werewolves, zombies, cannibalism, necrophilia, or treat in a fun way everyday experience of family members of the Gothic scene. To this end, the band: "Our lyrics cover so many unusual story about life and death now and maybe bring some people laugh, but we have always insisted that we are not a comedy band." (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Scary_Bitches)                   
164 Scary Bitches  You’ll End up Looking Like the Scary Bitches Found in research                
165 Scary Bitches Lesbian Vampyres From Outer Space Found in research                
166 Scary Bitches Piss All Over Grave Practiced 
167 Scary Bitches Come Dance With Me Found in research                
168 Scary Bitches Ghost Riders in the Sky Practiced 
169 Scary Bitches Birds And Bees Found in research                
170 Scarling Wave of Mutilation Found in research             Pixies  
171 Selena Gomez Come & Get It Performed               Belly Dancing
172 Skeletal Family was an English gothic rock band which was formed in Keighley, West Yorkshire, in December 1982.[1] The band was formed from the remaining membership of an earlier group, called The Elements, and took its name from the title of the song "Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family" from the 1974 David Bowie album, Diamond Dogs.   (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeletal_Family)                   
173 Skeletal Family The Night Found in research                
174 Skeletal Family Banker Man Found in research                
  Sneaker Pimps was a British trip-hop band formed in Hartlepool, England, in 1994. They are best known for their first album Becoming X (released in 1996) NOTE only the first album has a female singer.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sneaker_Pimps)                  
175 Sneaker Pimps Six Underground                  
176 Sneaker Pimps Spin Spin Sugar Found in research                
177 Speedway Genie In A Bottle Practiced 
            Christina Aguilera  
178 Sugarbitch LA Woman Practiced 
179 Sugarpie And The Candymen Should I Stay or Should I Go Practiced
180 Superchick Hey Hey (Vampires Vs. Cheerleaders Mix) Performed  


181 Superchick Pure Performed   Christian
181 Superchick Stand In The Rain Performed   Christian
  Ting Tings  are a British musical duo. They  have released four singles on their current label (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ting_Tings)                  
182 Ting Tings Happy Birthday Found in research                
183 Ting Tings Fruit machine Found in research                
184 Ting Tings Hand Found in research                
185 Ting Tings That’s Not My Name Found in research                
186 Tracy Chapman House Of The Rising Sun Performed             Animals  
187 Transglobal Underground Khaleegi Stomp Practiced 
              Belly Dancing
188 Vice Squad  Lithium Practiced 
189 Vice Squad Enter Sandman Practiced 
190 Vice Squad  Christmas Has Been Cancelled


191 vera karma violently happy Found in research             Bjork  
  Yeah Yeah Yeahs  are an American indie rock band formed in New York City in 2000. The group is composed of vocalist and pianist Karen O, guitarist and keyboardist Nick Zinner, and drummer Brian Chase.  The band has recorded four studio albums. Grammy nominated 3 times and 7 Mtv award nominations.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeah_Yeah_Yeahs)                  
192 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll Found in research                
193 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Maps Found in research                
194 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gold Lion Found in research                
195 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Slave Found in research                
196 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Kiss kiss Found in research                
197 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Isis Found in research                
198 White Zombie Brick House


  Zombie Girl  is a Canadian electro-industrial/industrial rock project started in 2005. The band's lyrics and themes center on black humor and B movie horror films (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_Girl)                  
199 Zombie Girl Gonna Getcha off of Found in research   electro-industrial            
200 Zombie Girl Creature Of The Night Performed   electro-industrial          
201 Zombie Girl Prey Found in research   electro-industrial            
202 Zombie Girl Funeral Pyre Found in research   electro-industrial            
203 Zombie Girl Gonna Getcha Found in research   electro-industrial          
204 Zombie Girl Sex Found in research   electro-industrial          








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